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ASUS RT-68U WIFI drops in the presence of another ASUS RT-68U

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I am seeing a very interesting phenomenon at home. I have 2 T-Mobile Asus AC 1900 routers that I flashed to ASUS RT-68U (following the guides online). I used an image from ASUS released earlier in the year. They suffered from some instability with the wireless dropping (on my phone but not on my PC; however, PC lost connection to the internet) but I was not able to pin point whether it was the AT&T fiber gateway or the ASUS RT-68u(s). I set them both up in an AiMesh configuration and they were adequate, though I did find out that setting one of them up as a media bridge worked even better. Except I needed more Cat5e cables going across the room.

Anyway, recently I flashed them to the latest firmware from ASUS. I was able to flash them successfully to . The first thing I did after the re-flash and subsequent reboot, was to connect my residential gateway(RG) to my router (MR), reconfigure the login/SSID/password and power it up. I configured the RG to passthrough the IP (bridge mode) to the router. And I voila, I had an internet connection. This configuration worked just fine. And then I decided to enable my secondary router (SR) as an AiMesh node to put upstairs at the other far end of the house. I would be content using it as a media bridge too. However, as soon as I powered up the second 68U, I found that I could no longer stay connected to my MR. This actually became worse the closer the two AC68U were located. So I am not able to pair the two as part of the AiMesh. In fact, I have to keep it switched off to prevent my MR from dropping my wireless connections.

Has this been observed before? Any possible theories on what might be going on?

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