Asus RT-86u SW reset constantly happening


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I was on Merlin firmware 386.3.2 and have been experiencing which seems to be a SW reset based on the system log:

May 5 01:05:08 kernel: print_rst_status: Last RESET due to SW reset
May 5 01:05:08 kernel: print_rst_status: RESET reason: 0x00000000

It started happening on Dec 22nd from 12:22pm to 2:55pm so for about 2 hours and 33 mins.
Then it occurred again on Dec 26th from 10:44am to 11:15am so for 31 minutes.
And it occurred earlier tonight from 6:08pm to 7:50pm.

Between those periods the reset occurred every 1-2 mins. I have been running this firmware since it was initially released on 2021-08-6 and had no issues until Dec 22nd and made no changes. I am puzzled as to why all of a sudden this is occurring.

FYI, I also just updated the firmware to the latest release 386.4 and will see if this happens again.

Any thoughts? I couldn't find any other entry in the log pertaining to a reset, what and why it is triggering it?

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