ASUS RT-92U vs RT-88U as AiMesh node


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I’m planning to upgrade my local network to 802.11AX Asus Mesh devices: it gonna be AiMesh mode (main router) which is Asus GT-AX11000 and 2 AiMesh nodes.

Looking at Asus RT-AX92U or RT-AX88U in role of AiMesh nodes.
One of devices I’m gonna use as AiMesh node to expand WiFi coverage and to connect Desktop PC wired.
Another device I’m gonna use as AiMesh node mainly to connect multiple devices wired, there is no need WiFi expansion coverage there, but why not

Which one of mentioned would you suggest? 92 or 88?
I know 92 has 512 MB RAM over 1 GB which has 88.
I understand it’s important when you gonna load router via its functions like VPN, GPN, etc.
But … here I already dunno… just guess that such functions simply unavailable in mode like AiMesh node.
So I guess, according their price, I should prefer 92? Because anything which is not so good in 92 like in 88 unavailable in AiMesh node?


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if you are planning wireless AiMesh it a advantage to have 3band (2x5GHz) router for it

if not AX86U will be the best choice.


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Yes definitely wireless AiMesh first of all to connect some streaming/gaming devices wired, secondly - for expending coverage.

So 92U best choice. Thanks a lot!!!

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