Asus RT-AC1200G+ dropping streaming

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Since I updated firmware I have noticed random key generation in syslog presumably this is an attempt to prevent Kr00K as noted in the firmware notes. But as soon as the random key is generated anything that is streaming stops. Is there any way to reduce the amount of keys generated in settings as it seems quite often at the moment?

I have contacted Asus through their Technical support and await a reply. This happens on both bands 2.4 and 5 depending which key is generated. Any workarounds?


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Do you have the option "Group Key Rotation Interval" under Wireless - General (for each band) that you can change?


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Yes currently set to 3600 secs I will try maximizing that. Now set to 2592000 secs which is 30 days if the random key generator is tied to this.
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Well had a couple of key changes during the night on 5ghz so the key rotation of 30 days didnt work. Wonder what Asus TS will come back after sending logs and settings files.

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