ASUS RT-AC3100 dump and edit CFE

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I'm having a trouble with my ASUS RT-AC3100, currently the router stop to broadcasting the 5ghz signal. I'been reading a couple in a couple of forums including this one, that this problem it's related to a Hardware failure. But i want to test something, i just want to dump the CFE (i tried to do that with the command cat /dev/mtd0 > original_cfe.bin, but when i open this file with a Hex editor does not show nothing about the mac) from this Router and edit the WIFI Mac Address field. On the configurations and logs through serial console, i saw that the 5ghz interface has a unknown mac address.

Thanks in advanced.


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you need to replace or reball the wifi chip

it is possible to decipher the CFU, but this will not solve your problem

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