ASUS RT-AC3100 reboots using front USB3 port with 1TB SSD drive

Robert Giuffre

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Hello all:

I have an ASUS RT-AC3100 with the latest Merlin firmware, 386.5_2 and having an issue with reboots.
The router is in AP mode.
I have a 1TB SSD attached to the USB 3.x port on the front of the unit using a USB3 to SATA adapter cable, and the whole drive is shared as SMBv1+SMBv2.

So 2 things:

1: The front USB port is in 3.x mode, but I only get ~60 MBs transfer rate from Windows 10 to the shared SSD drive attached to the router. The PC is connected via 1GBs ethernet CAT6 cable to port#1 on the router.

2: If I try to copy too much to the shared drive, the router reboots. I cannot give you an exact number, but it seems to reboot after I send about ~3GB to ~5GB of files to the shared drive/folder.
If I copy multiple files to the shared drive in smaller batches and pause 10-20 seconds in-between, it works fine.
If I try to send all the files at once, the router "freaks out" and reboots.

Other than those 2 issues, the router seems to work perfectly.

Any ideas?

Thank you,



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You've discovered the limits of the CPU/RAM of the router (and the interaction with the USB3 to SATA adaptor cable).

You're also seeing that the router is not a NAS (that's how you're trying to use it though).

You may get lucky by setting a swap file on the attached drive and getting rid of the symptoms for this specific use you describe. But it won't fix anything (really).

I would suggest looking into buying a NAS instead of trying to troubleshoot/fix this issue.

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