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Asus RT-AC5300 AI-Mesh Node Shutting down


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Hi all,
I have two Asus RT-AC5300 Routers. One in my home office and one in my workshop. The workshop is in a separate building about 200 feet away. The main Router is in my office and the node is in the workshop. I ran Cat 6 cable to the workshop, so the AI Mesh node is hardwired. Both routers are running stock Asus Firmware Current Version : I have had this set up running for about 9 months and the node has never been stable. Sometimes it stays up for weeks, sometimes it goes down multiple times in a day. At first I thought it may be to hot in the shop. But the temps it is running on the board seem to fall into the same area that everyone reports. I put a cooling fan on it anyway. Then I put a new power supply on it. I know people have had plenty of problems with this particular router. But I never seem to see any solutions... I have put them back to factory and then reconfigured them many times. Anybody have any ideas on where to troubleshoot?
Thanks for any help

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