Asus RT-AC5300 LED GPIO numbers?

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I'm hoping the Merlin community can help me out with what is actually a DD-WRT problem. I have a new AC5300, which sports a number of status LEDs. I know on Merlin these can be controlled via NVRAM; on DD-WRT they're controlled via the gpio command (and I'm assuming that under the covers Merlin is doing something similar based on the NVRAM values?) The WAN LED in particular interests me - on stock firmware it lights white for a good connection, red for a bad one (apparently "off" wasn't obvious enough, I design choice I agree with!) These are two different GPIO pins, though: the red is on GPIO 5 (e.g. gpio 5 disable will turn it off). But I don't know the white pin. DD-WRT seems to have a quirk in that it lights this thing up red when the router boots, but never converts to white - I'd like to script a fix so I get true WAN status on the light. Just picking at random seems a good way to brick the router, so I'm hoping someone has the actual numbers or can point me at where to look. Thanks!

Merlin looks fabulous, by the way, now that I have a spare router (just retired my N66U when I brought the AC5300 online) I'm going to load it up and play, perhaps my DD-WRT question will wind up moot. :)

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