ASUS RT-AC5300 not flashing firmware

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Hello everyone,

my AC5300 died recently and I have followed several guides in this forum.
I, for example, tried using the ASUS Recovery tool to reflash the firmware and it uploads, but after it uploades, it randomly dies, it does not actually flash the firmware, it sometimes from blinking power LED to solid LED. Clearing NVRAM did not help, accessing the recovery site while in recovery mode works but uploading here does not do anything as well.

Should I send this in for repair or is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance


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Maybe faulty power adapter, otherwise not much you could do, RMA or return!

hey Grisu, thank you for your reply, unfortunately the device is out of warranty so I would have to pay for repairs. Do you think it's worth it or should I look for a new router?

Thanks again.


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Unless you know the repair will be just a few dollars, I would not pay to repair an old router.

Yes, the new ones are significantly more expensive, but they will also be useful for longer too while offering more today.


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You wont get it repaird for the price of a new router if you unimaginable find someone who could.
If you know someone with similar asus router you could try with his power plug to be sure its the router or only plug which you could get much cheaper and worth replacing.
Or do you have any other plug with 19V and about 3A you could use it and solder routerside-plug on the other one. For testing one with 15-20V would be probably ok too.

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