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Release ASUS RT-AC66U B1 Firmware version

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Firmware version
98.78 MB

Bug fixes and functionality modifications:
-Resolved the issue with login and password changes.
-Fixed the issue where Traffic Analyzer sometimes couldn't record data.

Security updates:
-Enabled and supported ECDSA certificates for Let's Encrypt.
-Enhanced protection for credentials.
-Enhanced protection for OTA firmware updates.
-Fixed DoS vulnerabilities in firewall configuration pages. Thanks to Jinghe Gao's contribution.
-Fixed DoS vulerabilities in httpd. Thanks to Howard McGreehan.
-Fixed information disclosure vulnerability. Thanks to Junxu (Hillstone Network Security Research Institute) contribution.
-Fixed CVE-2023-28702 and CVE-2023-28703. Thanks to Xingyu Xu(@tmotfl) contribution.
-Fixed null pointer dereference vulnerabilities. Thanks to Chengfeng Ye, Prism Research Group - cse hkust contribution.
-Fixed the cfg server vulnerability. Thanks to Swing and Wang Duo from Chaitin Security Research Lab.
-Fixed the vulnerability in the logmessage function. Thanks to Swing and Wang Duo from Chaitin Security Research Lab C0ss4ck from Bytedance Wuheng Lab, Feixincheng from X1cT34m.

Please unzip the firmware file, and then verify the checksum.
SHA256: 6040822e6ab3d1bafc756fb038c2f3559aa1004a2af2d2bc52684f39004a2f65
Runs and drives.


What's fixed and what's broken - no idea.
only security patches.
Updated this morning and everything seemed fine at the time, but I just came home this afternoon to find the router's web UI and SSH not responding. The PPPOE WAN connection was still functioning and the router responded to pings, so it wasn't completely frozen. Power cycled the router and it's back up and working.

Something must have gone wrong sometime between when I did the update around 9:00 am and 4:00 pm when I left the house for a bit because the log doesn't show my phone disassociating from the wifi when I left or associating when I came back.

A short followup: It's the next day and it hasn't happened again.
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