Asus RT-AC66U B1 vs TP-Link AX20

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Hello, this is my first post looking for an advice from more experienced users.

I currently have TP-Link Deco M4 (3x) and not happy with the stability and inability to configure basic stuff like wireless channel, FW rules, etc. so would like to replace with two routers instead. Worth mentioning that I have limited budget for this. I live in 2-story house with 100Mbps and do not use VPN.

Option 1: 2x Asus RT-AC66U B1 configured in Mesh mode with ethernet backhaul. I know it is not the newest device but like the fact that it supports Merlin. No WIFI6 but this is not needed with this internet speed. Cost per device in my country is around 100 - 120 USD.
Option 2: 2x TP-Link Archer AX10 or AX20, one of them configured in AP mode - Very powerful new devices (triple - Quad core 1.5GHZ CPUs), WIFI6. Can get the AX10 for 75USD, AX20 for 90USD. But there is no mesh support, TP-Link does not support OnMesh between routers and does support ethernet backhaul between a router and an extender, obviously no Merlin but may get OpenWRT support in the future.

Which option would you go for? Should I be concerned about the lack of Mesh in TP-Link or should I ignore it and go with a more powerful device with WIFI6? I don't know how devices will act when moving between floors, not concerned about seamless roaming but whether devices like mobile phones would keep connected to the remote router with weaker signal.

Many thanks


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I can vouch for the AC66U_B1 as a good solid router. The same hardware as an AC68U but packaged in a different case with non-removable antennas. I upgraded from the AC66U_B1 to an AC86U because I just wanted a new router (still have the AC66U_B1). Merlin 384.19 works well and has features, such as DNS over TLS and yes, AiMesh. Asus and Merlin are both working to move to the 386 code base with AiMesh 2.0. You may also find the AC66U_B1 in a two pack. I have seen this router for as little as $85.00 US.
Archer routers? not for me. not enough features to play with.


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Thanks, I was checking now and can get a pair of AC67U for the same price as AC66U_B1. I was trying to compare them but can't find the difference. Thanks.

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