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amtm does no longer include the Entware installer.


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Okay, so at the end of the script, it will wget on the script on the arm7 processor, then execute it. Problem is, I don't have the downloader thing worked out. The docs say this:

Important: Asus's DownloadMaster is based on Optware, and therefore is NOT compatible with Entware. You will have to uninstall DownloadMaster and look at the alternatives provided by Entware.

How is this done? These instructions cannot be any more sparse.


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Thanks for the link, and I'll get Transmission installed.

I think I've narrowed the issue down to being unable to execute wget command. Using wget on any URL I get: wget: unable to resolve host address ...

So I think there is a config that tells merlin what to use for an Internet connection, and that is perhaps the WAN port, which I'm not using. My particular install piggy backs onto another router through a LAN connection for Internet access.

If I can figure out where to change this, or someone knows, I'd appreciate a tip. Once resolved, I'd expect all the Entware installs will go like clockwork.

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