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[Asus RT-AC68U] Syslog Question

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New Around Here
Asus RT-AC68U HW V2. Using manufacturer firmware Using for basic wireless home network.

First I should note that my knowledge of networking is limited (as will probably be clear from my question).

When I set the firewall to log dropped packets, the Syslog shows a steady stream of them (Drops), as I expected. But when I change it to log accepted packets instead, I get none. Not a single Accept has shown up in the Syslog. So far I've tested with the "accepted" setting for periods up to four hours.

Can someone please explain to me why this would be? My hunch is that it *doesn't* suggest a problem with the settings or the unit (as a lack of Drops would), but if you suspect otherwise please advise.


EDIT: Naturally just after posting this a couple ACCEPTS did come in, from an i.p. that appears to be my isp.
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