Asus RT-AC68U usb drive

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Good day....
I apologize for being new at this.
I have a usb Seagate drive I have ripped a handful of movies onto.
I can plug it into my Samsung TV & see the folders & files etc without issue.... however when I plug it into my Asus RT-AC68U USB port to share for all my tvs I do not see the folders or files I have place on it when I access the router via the TV (which does show the drive attached to the router). A different folder set appears that are empty (Movies, Photos, EFI).

Do I need to format the drive differently?
Being only a handful of movies, I wanted to have access to them via my network instead of plugging the drive into each TV as needed. I don't have enough movies to invest into synology or Plex.
Just not sure why my existing folders don't show up when connected to the router opposed to when I connect directly to the tv.

Thoughts & suggestions would be appreciated...

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How many TVs will be concurrently streaming these movies? The RT-AC68U USB ports may not handle that too gracefully or at all if more than one TV will be used.

Have you configured the required settings in USB Application, Network Place (Samba)?

What file format is the drive using? If it is ExFat, the router can't 'see' that.

Try NTFS instead.

It would probably help to know what firmware you're using too on the router. There may be further options possible. :)


New Around Here
Thanks for the info....
More than one tv won't be accessing the drive at a time.
I have enabled Samba but it didn't seem to do anything (but not familiar with Samba).

The drive was exFat, so I made a partition with a diff format to test. I can now see it but still see the default folder which do not show up in the drive when mounted to the comp. but only visible on the TV.
Firmware is current version.


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'Current firmware version' doesn't mean anything. (Which current one are you talking about)? :)

What TV(s) are you using? What folder(s) show up via a computer?


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Sorry, I regularly update the firmware on the router (currently

Samsung TVs
When mounted on the comp only the folder I made shows up, when mounted to the router the folder Movies, Photos & EFI show up (via the RT-AC68U device showing on the TV).

I have reformatted the drive to NTFS and still see the default folders on the tv and the new folder I made, can't seem to put them into the default folders.... oh well at least they are there now, not fancy but liveable.
I think formatting the sub drive to NTFS helped & turning Samba back on..... will play a bit more to see if I can make this a bit smoother.


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Glad to see it is working for you.

Fyi, what I meant was browsing to the router from a PC in 'Network' and seeing what folders were available. :)

The TV is assuming the folders it wants to see, I believe.

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