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ASUS RT-AC86U - AiProtection Malicious Sites Blocking unable to add sites to whitelist

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Kurogane Shiroikaze

New Around Here
Signature version: 2.240

Hello all, I am having an issue with my Asus router where a couple of sites I always visit have been blocked by TrendMicro's AiProtection feature. I have confirmed this issue by disabling the feature and managed to visit the sites as normal.

I tried to add these sites that I use to the "WhiteList" but when I click Add nothing happens and the site is not added. Does anyone know why this is not working? Is there some other way to manually add the sites on a whitelist, like say using ssh?

As I'm sharing the internet with others, I would like to keep the AiProtection features on and use the whitelist to bypass the sites that I trust.

Perhaps the system won't allow you to whitelist ILLEGAL sites ?
It's working as expected, AC86U router running 386_44470:


Reboot your router. Signature update 2.240 locked up Traffic Analyzer. May have affected AiProtection too.
It's working as expected, AC86U router running 386_44470:

View attachment 35209

Reboot your router. Signature update 2.240 locked up Traffic Analyzer. May have affected AiProtection too.

Yeah, I've rebooted the router many times and also deleted the AiProtection JFFS folder to recreate the database. Still doesn't work. Tried adding the site in your screenshot and it still doesn't work.

In fact this issue predated the 386_44470 firmware... I updated the router to latest official firmware to see if it fixes this issue, but it doesn't.

Am wondering if I need to factory reset it (but I would like to avoid it if possible!)....?
Factory reset is often required between versions, you have already tried the other obvious options.
And sometimes resetting just the router (do not use a saved backup config file to re-configure it either) is not enough.

Fully Reset Router and Network

When your router is back to a good/known state (with or without the suggestions from the link above), the following link may help too.

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021
I would reset it and set it up manually. Something got messed up on yours. Firmware 386_44470 is excellent on my test AC86U router.

Ok, thanks for the advice and the links to reset. I'll try it out when i have the time to take down the network for an hour and report back in.
You don't need to take down the network for 1h. Just reset the router, set it up manually after reset.

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