Asus RT-AC86U Guest Network Isolation between clients


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I have in my possession Asus RT-AC86U router, I tried to setup a 2.4 Guest Network for my house, but I noticed that there is a client isolation- which I find problematic because I own a wireless printer .
Ive found an option that says: "Access Intranet" - now if I enable it it does remove the isolation between clients but it also give the client access to my LAN .

My question is : Is there a way to create a Guest Network without isolation between clients, but still preserve the "Guest" feature?

2. Does ASUSWRT-MERLIN Firmware grant that kind of option?

Thank you .

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The YazFi add-on (eta: for Asus-Merlin firmware) has a "client isolation" option.
Should Guest Network radio prevent clients from talking to each other? (true/false)
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There is no option to do that in the GUI, it's the same as stock firmware. You can do it from the command line or by using custom scripts depending on your precise needs.

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