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Asus RT-AC86U Merlin and PrivateVPN (OpenVPN)

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up the OpenVPN from PrivateVPN.com on my new AC86U with merlin fw.
But after I imported the OpenVPN file, added my user and password, it says "Erro - check configuration".

Did someone already configure this PrivateVPN service on an Asus Merlin?

*The OpenVPN file already has the Certificate included.
Check if port is 1194, if not change it and try. Not sure why they use a different port which isn't working for the router configs...
Port 1194 is used for the VPN server not client on Merlin's firmware.

Also you can't arbitrarily pick the port to use with a commercial VPN client. It is dictated by the commercial VPN's server.
NordVPN uses port 1194 for UDP connections, OpenVPN Client side.
Not a problem if you are not trying to also run a VPN server and using the default settings for VPN server 1.
Ok guys, I got the solution from the support of PrivateVPN.

I had to set the IPv6 as pass-through or native, I put it as pass-through.

Worked perfectly.

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