Asus RT-AC86U with freshtomato and WIFI wan


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I found that asus wrt merlin doesnt support WIFI wan so I was wondering if anyone has used freshtomato to set this up?
Or have you seen a guide for this anywhere?

Thanks ...


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I don't see the AC86U on the FT compatibility list.

Could be just an oversight. Not sure if it's kept fully up to date.

Realize that you can turn *any* router into a client (WISP) mode router by connecting a wireless ethernet bridge to its WAN. Having the capability within the router itself is nice, and preferred, but it's NOT a necessity. Also, client (WISP) mode has had KNOWN issues on many FT compatible routers for many years. The developers have claimed in recent months that things have improved, but I still find that it doesn't work for all routers.

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