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Asus RT-AC86U

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I have a problem with an external drive attached to the router. I have to restart my router almost everyday to get my drive in order again. Sometimes it renames the drive like "USB1(1)" but i use "USB1" by itself.
After i restart i get it as wanted "USB1".
Anyone having the same problem and know any fix?

Please help me.

Best regards


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Welcome to the forums @Hasseboy.

You need to give the drive a name, so that it doesn't switch around.


New Around Here
Hi and thanxs for your answer, i have give it a name when i formatted the drive to USB1, i have 5 different drives, now i have been away for 20 minutes and it have changed 2 drive names to (1) see red marks in attached file. And i havent done anything. so now i have to restart it again..


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Maybe 'USBxxx' is a reserved name/tag? Can you try another name (at least as a test), like 'Something'?

Are you using a USB Hub? That (or the chipset it uses) may also be a reason for this issue with your specific router/firmware.

How many drives do you have connected? What are their capacities? Can you turn off the sleep function on them (or on the hub, if possible)?

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