Asus RT-AC87 and Time Machine


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Anyone else having issues with Time machine and Asus RT-AC87. I followed the instructions from Asus support. Nothing seems to work. portable hard drive is USB 3.0 and found from the router.
I disabled the mac firewall.

I'm able to see the Asus router from Shared but doesn't connect when i enter the password.

I updated to the latest firmware ending in .2044

Anyone else have anymore suggestions or ideas? I heard Asus is possibly releasing another firmware in about a week. Hopefully it will be covered.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Make sure the disk is formatted in HFS+.


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Had you seen any Time machine error message?
Sometimes the partition name on Mac and on firmware GUI are different.
Try to record the partition name shown on firmware GUI, connect the USB HDD to Mac and rename the partition name.


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Haven't seen any Time machine errors. When hook up the hard drive to the Mac locally. Time machine starts backing up automatically.

The name of the partition is the same from the Web GUI on the Asus router and Mac. However, I'm unable to connect remotely via the Mac. The Mac OS is 10.9.4.

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