Asus RT-AC87U - Not getting full speed on wired FTTP


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I recently got connected to Vodafone UK Gigafast 500 down / 500 up FTTP service, however I am struggling to get full speeds on my AC87U router which is running Merlin 384.13.10 (the last stable build for this router). On a wired connection directly into the router, I am getting a max 280mbs down and 350mbs up. Using the Vodafone supplied router and testing with a wired connection, I am getting the full 500down/up so the problem seems to be with the Asus router.

I have turned off AiProtection and QoS. Under switch control, Jumbo Frame is disabled and NAT acceleration is Auto (changing either of these settings do not yield different results).

Does anyone have any idea or which setting I need to have a look at?

CPU demand on speed test seems to show that CPU1 is at 100% and CPU 2 is roughly 50%. Could it be the hardware is not good enough to cope due to the dual 1ghz cores?


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Do you tried PPPoE ? I had FTTH with 1000 down 1000 up and I was not able to get more than 700 !, I down my ISP connection to 300 up and down, because is cheaper and I got 325 up and down. I not try PPPoE now, because my connection running well.


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did a factory reset and reconfigured all settings and seem to be getting max speeds now. i think the root cause of the problem was traffic monitoring as theres a setting there that disables hw acceleration for wired connections.

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