Asus RT-AC87U (WRT-Merlin) and IPv6

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Today I have contacted by my ISP to propose a new broadband connection.

I currently have a public IPv4 line connected to my ISP modem which connects to my ASUS RT-AC87U with AsusWRT-Merlin 384.7.

Behind the router I have a couple of QNAP NASes and one Vu+ decoder that I can access remotely (using QNAP's DDNS "myqnapcloud").

The ISP is now proposing a new contract with IPv6. I would be required to use one of their modem router, but I already think to use it as modem only, leaving my ASUS RT-AC87U to do the usual job.

However I do not know how to configure my router to make it work. I know that on Advanced Settings, there is a section on IPv6, but I just want to ensure everything will continue to work.

The options are:
- Disable
- Native
- Static IPv6
- Passthrough
- FLET'S IPv6 service
- Tunnel 6to4
- Tunnel 6in4
- Tunnel 6rd

Can I kindly ask you some guidance? Beside the increased broadband speed , what are the other pros and are there any cons to do so?

Thanks in advance


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Hello, sorry to come back and up this discussion. Anyone who could be able to guide me on this? Thanks a lot!


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You'll need to know what sort of IPV6 your ISP is providing.
I have Comcast cable here and use Native DHCP-PD.
No issues for me.


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Here is my config. IPv6 DNS Setting is configured to use Cloudflare instead of my ISP's. If you leave it on enabled it should fetch your ISP's DNS.

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