Asus RT-AC88U 386.2_4 Low Download Speed after update

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I just updated my router to 386.2_4 recently. I performed speed test and it dropped significantly from my subscribed speed. Currently I am subscribing Unifi 800mpbs package with 200mbps upload. During speedtest, I only managed to get around max 300 mbps for download while upload speed is 17 mbps . Thus, i revert back to old version 384.19 and my download speed is back to 800 mbps and upload is 200mbps. I really like to use the new FW , however it seems that the latest FW kinda broke my speed. Is there any setting which i could change in order to get my subscribed speed with the latest FW ?



Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Make sure hardware acceleration is enabled. You can check its state under Tools -> Sysinfo.


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Reset your router to factory defaults after upgrading to 386 software and set it up manually. Don't restore configuration files. Test again.

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