ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware (29.06.2020)

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ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware version
Security update
- Fixed CVE-2020-12695 (CallStranger)
- Fixed Reflected XSS vulnerability.
- Fixed Directory traversal vulnerability.
- Fixed CVE-2017-15653.

The update server transport layer security was upgraded and the old protocol was removed.
If your router firmware version is lower than, please refer to the "Update Manually" section in to update the firmware.

Ryu Connor

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Broken firmware for media bridge mode, just like every 385 release to date.

I have tried sending the logs showing the crashing driver to Asus. The system is so unstable I'm unsure if my "Feedback" tab is actually working.


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I'm on this working reliably. Got 2 updates and all were working tragic.
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Working tragic? :)


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Yeah, next 2 new updates were braking LA and slowing DNS. Last one did slow DNS resolving that I couldn't load pages ;)


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I am still on When I installed I had that thing with all the connection error entries in the logs, anyone know if they have gone away with this latest release ( )?

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