ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware version 2020/03/30

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Squall Leonhart

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1. Update Adaptive QoS categories: Help you to prioritize the mission-critical applications
Those people who work-from-home & learn-from-home will greatly benefit from this new feature with optimized streaming experiences.
New Supported Categories & Apps:
- Video conferencing, including Microsoft Teams®, ZOOM®, Skype®, Google Hangouts®, BlueJeans®
- Online learning, including Khan academy®, Udemy®, Coursera®, TED®, VIPKiD®, 51Talk®, XDF®, Xueersi®
- Streaming, including YouTube®, Netflix®, HBO NOW®, Amazon Prime Video®, Disney+®, ESPN®,®, iQIY®
- Indoor training, including Zwift®, Peloton®, Onelap®
Stay tuned and more apps are coming to the list soon!

2. Support Mobile Game Mode
- One-click prioritizing your mobile device to the highest and ensure you the best mobile gaming experiences.
- Install/Update ASUS Router App (Android supports later than; iOS supports later than

3. Bug fixs
- Fixed CVE-2019-15126 (Kr00k) vulnerability.
- Fixed a DDoS vulnerability.
- Fixed Let's Encrypt related bugs.
- Fixed folder creating bugs in Samba.

Please unzip the firmware file first and then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 45eaa9318b846141c4d91a3acb481ff2 38.13 MBytes


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You all read only half!
Once again, that I sold all of them doesnt mean that some friends I support still use them.
Really want to have your worries.

PS: Is there a hidden prerequisite to write here which I did miss?
And please tell Harry he mustn't talk about royals anymore ...
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