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New Around Here
Hello everyone! I had issues changing the password on my router and another thread correctly pointed out that it was necessary to delete the 'admin' user from the FTP section to avoid the 'user already exists' error. After doing so, and updating my router password, the FTP user titled 'Bri' was made default. I recreated the 'admin' account but I am unable to delete 'Bri'. I would only like to retain the 'admin' account (not sure if that would cause an issue next time I want to change my router password). What am I missing? I am using the latest firmware.

FTP Users.png


New Around Here

Deleted 'admin' from the list of FTP users, leaving 'Bri'. Went to ADMINISTRATION>SYSTEM and updated router password for 'admin'. After rechecking list of FTP users the sole user is now 'admin'. Not sure if I'll get the 'user already exists' error next time I change my router password since 'admin' is defined as an FTP user but that's an issue for another day.

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