Asus RT-AC88U : good for trash, or repairable ?


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I've been having issues with this router for quite some time, it isn't covered by warranty anymore, and I'm about to give up.

- No ping response (except under recovery mode)
- Configuration page not accessible
- No Wireless network
- LAN switch seems to work when IP manually configured on each laptop
- When connected to serial port with FTDI cable, I get garbage characters, impossible to get anything done this way

I tried several times to erase NVRAM through WPS button, without any success. When recovery mode is activated, I can ping the router but webpage isn't accessible
I can't connect to serial port, and the only thing that seems to work when recovery mode is activated is the Firmware restoration utility from ASUS
Currently running official Firmware Version, but also tried, as well as latest Merlin or DD-WRT : same issues

Maybe I am missing some steps, but the last thing I tried is the following:
1. Reset to factory settings (via reset button)
2. Reset NVRAM (via WPS)
3. Activate Recovery mode (via reset button)
4. I get a ping response but no webpage access to CFE
5. I uploaded Version via the Firmware restoration tool, with success
6. Just to be sure, I also reset to factory settings, and erase NVRAM via WPS once again
7. Router restarts, all lights green, I can access configuration page, I just connect with default admin password, and then pouf, back to square one, lost access, lost ping response.

Any wonderful idea ? I am not really into soldering anything, if nothing can be solved only with serial port, then it's going to trash.



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Could be duff capacitors on the board , or the power supply unit is faulty.

Try another power adaptor before throwing the router out.


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in recovery mode (when Asus Firmware restoration is working) try using Firefox log at and see if miniCFE page will be working.
if yes reset nvram and load one more time firmware from minCFE page.

try to load 1st firmware that was created for you router and available and then clear nvram and load the latest one - all via firmware restoration.


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It doesn't sound like software issue to me. Unfortunately, I can't help without having the unit in front of me.

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