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Asus RT-AC88U Keeps Losing Wireless

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Within the last two weeks, the wireless radio in my Asus RT-AC88U intermittently stops working. The equipment connected via ethernet to the router still have the internet, but the wireless signal is no longer there. A reboot of the router restores the wireless. The past two days I have had to reboot approximately every 12 hours. This morning, I disconnected the router and blew air through all the ventilation ports in its case.. If the problem is not solved, is there anything else I can try? Maybe a factory reset? The router is running firmware version, which is the latest according to the Asus website.

Thanks for any ideas on this.
Thanks for the information. I read your thread. That is something I can try this weekend when it is not as much of an interruption to have the Wi-Fi down.
I would start looking for a new router. Running on >2 years old firmware is not the solution. Something is failing inside unrelated to firmware.
Yes, this old firmware is missing many security fixes. No wonder if some of them are well known already and regularly used. I remember reading around here one of 384 firmware versions was catching a bug and it wasn't very clear how exactly it happens. It was blocking TrendMicro signature updates.
The firmware I am running on the RT-AC88 ,(, was released on 3/25/22, so that falls in the 2 year window you had mentioned. I put the RT-AC88 in service in Jan. 2017. A quick web search for "when to replace a Wi-Fi router" seems to come back with an "every 5 years" rule of thumb. If I get this wi-fi dropping issue resolved, maybe another year with the RT-AC88. since It still meets our needs. The only new hardware we have are a couple of Pixel 7 phones. All the other wireless devices are 3 to 5 years old.
Are you using LAN Ports 5-8 on the router? If you are, don't. Buy an 8-Port GbE switch instead and connect that (only) to Ports 1-4.

What you can try now is, first, disconnect anything on Ports 5-8.

Pull the AC power plug from the router and from the wall. Let the unit sit like that for at least 2 minutes.

Power everything up, do not use Ports 5-8 (ever).

Does it work now? If not, you may want to try doing a full reset of the firmware (and continue to NOT use Ports 5-8.

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global

Fully Reset / Best Practice Setup / More

If the above doesn't solve the issues you're seeing, (particularly if you've tried resetting the router multiple ways, and also re-flashing the same (current) firmware multiple times too), this indicates a bigger hardware problem than the known 8 Port issues already known (and their workarounds, above).
Yes, I am using ports 5 - 8. Is your advice not to use them a general rule of thumb if a router has more than the typical 4 LAN ports?

I have used a switch in the past to get more LAN ports. I got the 8 port router to eliminate the switch. There were no performance problems using the switch. I just wanted to eliminate the extra hardware.
The internal 'bridging' of the two 5 port switches causes a lot of random issues for some/many with almost all Asus' 8 Port router designs. Known issues.

Do the process/testing indicated to see if those are the issues for your unit too.
so that falls in the 2 year window you had mentioned

I never mentioned any "windows". The last 384 base firmware is from March 2020. In March 2023 it will be 3 years old. You can count how many security fixes came after this firmware on Asus support website. There are 12 firmware releases after 384.

A quick web search for "when to replace a Wi-Fi router" seems to come back with an "every 5 years" rule of thumb.

There is no rule of a thumb. If your router is failing you have to replace it or live with the inconveniences. As I said going 12 firmware versions back just to squeeze another year out of it eventually exposing your entire network on risk is not the solution.
I never mentioned any "windows".

You are correct. You didn't mention "window". That was my term. Your point about the security risks of old firmware was received and understood.

What about the firmware from 3/25/22 that I am running? Assuming that is the last firmware update for my router, is the router secure for another year?

Since I cleaned it, the router has been stable. If it is failing, I will replace it with a current model
What about the firmware

This is the latest available stock firmware for your router. I expect there will be another update soon since we have Asuswrt-Merlin available already based on GPL 386_50757. It depends on Asus mood. They have decided to leave all AC-class routers on 386 firmware base and updates from now on will be rare. Your router model is from 2015. It's 2023 now and they want you to upgrade to AX-class router if you want to see 388 firmware and more often updates.

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