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Asus RT-AC88U Upgraded to Merlin

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Nadeem Ahmed

Occasional Visitor
I have just upgraded my AC88U from Stock firmware (old one) to Merlin 384.8_2. I came across two issues.

1. Since right now I am using my 4G dongle as the only WAN connection so I am using my USB 2.0 port on the back for this purpose. With stock firmware, the internet light goes on whenever the router is connected to internet whereas with this new firmware the internet light stays OFF even though the router is connected to internet and I can connect through Wifi and use the internet.

2. I updated the firmware at night and when I checked my 5GHz band in the morning, though it was visible but I wasn't able to connect to it. I had to reboot by router to be able to connect to it again.

Moreover, I have a question ... when we talk about factory reset and clearing NVRAM, what is the difference? Does factory reset also clears NVRAM?

I will report more things as I will come across.

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