Release ASUS RT-AX55 Firmware version (2022/07/05)


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ASUS RT-AX55 Firmware version
- Fixed string format stacks vulnerability
- Fixed cross-site-scripting vulnerability
- Fixed informational vulnerability. Thanks to Howard McGreehan.
- Fixed SQL injection vulnerability
- Fixed json file traversal vulnerability
- Fixed plc/port file traversal vulnerability
- Fixed stack overflow vulnerability. Thanks to HP of Cyber Kunlun Lab
- Fixed authenticated stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Luke Walker – SmartDCC
- Fixed cfgserver heap overflow vulnerability
- Fixed cfgserver denial of service vulnerability. Thanks to TianHe from BeFun Cyber Security Lab.
- Fixed OpenSSL CVE-2022-0778
- Fixed CVE-2021-34174
- Added more security measures to block malware.
- Fixed Stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Milan Kyselica of IstroSec.
- Fixed CVE-2022-23970, CVE-2022-23971, CVE-2022-23972, CVE-2022-23973, CVE-2022-25595, CVE-2022-25596, CVE-2022-25597

Bug fixes
- Fixed AiMesh guest network issues.
- Fixed DDNS issues where the WAN IP is IPv6
- Fixed UI bugs in Administration --> feedback.
- Fixed time zone error.

New features
- Supported v6plus
- Added 3rd party DNS server list in WAN --> DNS to help users enhance the connection security.
- Supported Safe Browsing in the router app to filter explicit content from search results. You can set it in the router app --> Devices or Family.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: e68cd3bcae05ee339b99a7968a37bfba



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First post here on snb, i lurked for 5-10 years i think.

Updte went well, no problems, updated yesterday on the RT-AX55 we have out in the summer cabin.

My config:

Connection = Fiber 100/100Mbit
AiProtection = on
Adaptive QoS = on (Video streaming, Webb, Other, Work from home, Games, Learn from home, File transfer)
WiFi = Wireless mode automatic, fixed channels (11/36), WPA2/WPA3 personal, AX enabled
Auto Firmware update = on

The RT-AX55 has worked fine since we installed it a month ago. WiFi range feels lower than my RT-AX58U i got at home but good enough. GUI feels faster maybe because the ax55 is 4cores vs ax58u 3cores.

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