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Hi all!

I am consicering buying a new router. I searched a lot but i can not decide which to choose.

ASUS RT-AX56U or ASUS TUF-AX5400 ( the price difference is ~10000huf=28euro)​

I dont know if the tuf one is really better that the other one, because i havent found enough information.
For what i look is a router which will last for long and have a good coverage with useable speed and no problem handling pppoe.


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Hello @readywer and welcome to the forums.

No clue about PPPOE compatibility (no such ISPs here). But the ones to consider have recently changed.

Any other router you may be considering has issues (as reported on the forums here). Your requirement of 'last for long' is also the reason I posted the link above. :)

Routers above and below the ones suggested are not in the same league. (RMerlin non-compatibility is a showstopper for me if the router isn't supported).

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Hello @L&LD

Thank you for the warm welcome and the fast answer!

I understand that there are always fuctions which have problems, but i mainly want to use the basic functions of it only.

For me the last long means that it will not have a hardwer fail just after the warranty ended.
My previous router was a tp-link archer c7- it worked for me 3 years than it started dropping the wan and during that time the interface was inaccesable, and sometimes it come back after some minutes but sometimes it needed to be power reseted.

For me the Merlin compatibility is not a requirement, because i intend to use the original firmware.

And yes i know that the two router are not in the same lague, but i dont know that if the stonger one would have actually a better coverage or just higher avaible speed. So for me all in all the most important is the good coverage , because the walls in the house really block the signal in the house forexample: my room is 8m away form the router and 2 brick wall. The c7 provieded good 2.4ghz speed there but the 5ghz was bad(2 bars, 144mbs, same as the 2,4ghz).(I dont know if the c7 has bad 5ghz coverage or with this placement it is unreall to happen, if it is it's not a problem).

The router will have usually 4 wireless and 1 wired connection and i have a 1000mbps down and 300mbps up awaible bandwith.
The wireless is: S7, S8, S10, Intel ax200.

So all in all i look for an other band than the tp link because they dont proved nearly no updates.
If you have other recommendation instead the ones that i have written originally please write to me.

Thanks for all


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The only Asus router I've seen that has physically failed is the RT-AC66U (and that was a very long time ago). I wouldn't be too worried about those types of failures with the models suggested.

Of course, it's your call to use the firmware you want to, but why the original firmware? Some of RMerlin's tweaks and upgrades have been incorporated by Asus over the years anyway, it is obviously the more stable version for supported Asus routers.

No router will do well with 2x brick walls and 5GHz. However, the lower-end models can't be expected to be as good (or better) as the higher-end ones.

In your position, I would buy both and compare them in your wireless environment. Only unbox the cheaper router to test first. If it meets your needs, simply return the other. Be sure you are testing them fairly. Turn off all other routers except the test unit. Be sure you use new SSIDs (8 alphanumeric characters only). Do flash the latest firmware you want to use. Perform a full reset to factory defaults afterward. Do not use saved backup config files to secure the router and connect to your ISP.


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Thank you for everthing my only question would be which are the "models suggested"? Or where can i find them? (or do you mean the router ranker about that).


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See post 2.

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