Asus RT-AX58u, Backhaul ethernet performance

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I've got an old rt-ac56u that I use as an access point and I just bought a new Asus RT-AX58u that I use as the main router.
My problem is that I live in a 2 story house with lots of stone walls.

I've managed to cover all of the house in wifi, though all my units seems to have problems switching to the correct router.
They seem to stay on the same router which in tern kills speeds.

I'm thinking there could be optimizations done somehow? Or I could return the AX58u, get the 2 pack ax92u or simply buy another ax58u since it's a 2020 model vs a 2018 model.
Buying new units is ofc not my goal, though I would get AIMesh that might help with the roaming within the house.

So: Config / Buy a new Ax58u / exchange for 2pack ax92u.

I've got 250/100mbit internet connection and my budget is 4000 sek (460 usd).
Right now the AX58u is 1790sek (3580 total), and the 2pack 3690sek.
I don't need the speed so much as the coverage.

Thoughts? Is configuring and getting roaming working simple?
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If you're not expecting to upgrade to Gbps ISP speeds anytime soon, an additional RT-AX58U in wired AiMesh mode may work very well for you. With both routers having the same capabilities (and better ones coming very soon), the network will be much more stable, reliable, and performant.

I would also suggest you test with RMerlin firmware too (384.19 Beta 1 is very stable) and follow the link below for the M&M Config and Nuclear Reset guides for the best results.

I can't recommend any Asus router that is not RMerlin supported (like the ones you are asking about), yes, it's that good. :)

HTH. :)

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