Asus RT-AX58U Questions on IPv6 and Adaptive QOS

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I have a few questions on IPV6 and adaptive qos. My RT-AX58U has the Merlin Firmware 384.18 installed since it fixed the IPv6 routing issue that was displayed in systems log from the stock firmware, however the Merlin firmware broke the parental controls. My questions are:
1. Is it recommended to enable IPv6?
2. I have Spectrum as my ISP with 100 Mbps/10Mbps. With my setup of an Apple TV 4k, Laptop, Apple HomePod, and iPhone, should I enable adaptive qos? When I setup the adaptive qos and run the DSLreports speedtest it fails the bufferbloat test with both stock firmware and Merlin firmware. So what's the best setting for QOS?

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