Release ASUS RT-AX68U Firmware version (2022/06/23)


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ASUS RT-AX68U Firmware version
75.11 MBytes

1. Fixed OpenSSL CVE-2022-0778
2. Fixed CVE-2021-34174
3. Added more security measures to block malware.
4. Fixed Stored XSS vulnerability. Thanks to Milan Kyselica of IstroSec.
5. Fixed CVE-2022-23970, CVE-2022-23971, CVE-2022-23972, CVE-2022-23973, CVE-2022-25595, CVE-2022-25596, CVE-2022-25597
6. Added 3rd party DNS server list in WAN --> DNS to help users enhance the connection security.
7. Supported Safe Browsing in the router app to filter explicit content from search results. You can set it in the router app --> Devices or Family.
8. Improved system stability.

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So right after I update to the Merlin release, now there's an ASUS release with even newer code. :(


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I don't know about the firmware update, but this model router doesn't seem very popular here.

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