Release ASUS RT-AX68U Firmware version


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2022/10/12 75.53 MBytes
ASUS RT-AX68U Firmware version

1.Improved system stability
2.Fixed HTTP response splitting vulnerability. Thanks to Efstratios Chatzoglou, University of the Aegean.
3.Fixed status page HTML vulnerability. Thanks to David Ward.
4.Fixed CVE-2018-1160. Thanks to Steven Sroba.
5.Fixed cfg_server security issue.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 1a7934d46f66b17119425320bab04d64

RT-AX68U|WiFi Routers|ASUS USA



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Tried it - will not recognize 68u as the AIMesh node over ethernet. Works fine over 5GHz as a node. Tried flashing back - works fine, install latest - stops recognizing 68U as a Mesh node. Tried brining it next to the main router, deleting node and trying to set it up - no go. Went back to prior version.


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Thanks! I was originally only looking at the releases on the Asus' website. There some AX models show 388 and others show 386.


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