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I currently have an AC87U, but looking into upgrading due to 5ghz is not playing nicely with the downstairs tv and apple-tv.

I’ve read the AC87U is known to have some 5ghz issues, so I figured I can buy a new router and use the AC87U as a media bridge for all the devices in the 1st floor tv/gaming room.

Apart from the mentioned devices dropping out of 5ghz frequently we have no other issues.

I’ve seen the AX86U is warmly recommended on here, but my local store also had just recieved a shipment of AX86S. The AX86U costs around $299 and the AX86S is $199.

I’ve understood the difference between them is that the U has a quad core cpu, 1gb ram, a 2.5Gb wan/lan port and 2x usb 3 ports, while the S has a dual core cpu, 512mb ram, no 2.5Gb port and 1x usb3 1x usb2.

Considering the S still has double the ram and a faster cpu than the AC87U I figured thats still a decent upgrade for us, since we’ve had no issues I can relate to the ram/cpu. I don’t want to spend another $100 if its not gonna benefit our usage. Anything I’m missing about the S version? Any experiences with it?


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You seem to be the first who has mentioned it for sale. As it uses the same firmware as the AX86U it should be another great router! A step up from the AC86U which is also good. The new Asus firmware has DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS filtering which are features that enhance security.
I do not feel you have anything to loose as your AC87U is no longer supported. Some have said the AX86S is just a neutered AX86U but not likely so. Just a means to economize. Had it been available when I was going for AX I likely would have bought it as I don't need the 2.5 GHz port.


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Thanks! Ended up getting the AX86S. Gonna set it up tomorrow, excited to see how it performs


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Set up the AX86S today and so far I’m really happy with it.

It looks to have solved all the problem areas where 5ghz was being problematic from the AC87U. Signal strength and speed is much better on the devices that was struggling and so far no drops.

I used to get from varying results from 60-150mbps on speedtest from my phone in the 1st floor bedroom furthest away from the router (which is on the 2nd floor), now I’m getting 370mbps, which is just 1mbps less than what the router itself measures. Simply amazing!

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