Asus RT-AX86U 5Ghz Signal strength increases proportionally to control channel


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At a distance of 3 feet from my Asus RT-AX86U router, here are the 5Ghz signal strengths I get depending on the Control Channel I set :
  • Channel 36 : -37 dBm
  • Channel 52 : -32 dBm
  • Channel 100 : -25 dBm
  • Channel 149 : -20 dBm
My two neighbors's WiFis on the 5Ghz show : ch 44 / -78dBm and ch 149 / -84 dBm, so I don't see much interference.

I am quite satisfied with the signal strength I get on channel 149. However I am wondering if this is normal behavior from my router. My firmware version is

Does anybody experience that signal strength increases this much when changing the channel ?
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There are different bands within the 5GHz WiFi spectrum. Each band has it's own limits on allowed power. The precise power output will depend on which country you are in and how the manufacturer has chosen to implement it. So yes, it is normal to see differences.


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Time to upgrade. You are two versions behind:

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