Asus RT-AX86U no AiMesh in AP-Mode after update


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i have updated my RT-AX86U with the new firmware
Complete AiMesh menue now is unusable if in AP-Mode. Most fields on the right are blank or no reaction on pressing an button. Only the switch for Ethernet Backhaul can be activated.
Yes i use Asus routers long time ago and i do all typical things to do. Softreset, Hardreset incl. erase NVram, thousends of restarts etc., nothing help, also changing browser type doesn't help.
I updated via menue and also via file upload.
Normally in AiMesh menue on the right side they show that the router is in AP-Mode and has WAN connection. But with new firmware the fields are empty and connection is red. But Wifi works and you can go to the internet via the WAN connection.
I use the RT-AX86U as Mesh Master in AP-Mode. My two nodes RT-AX58U are connected via ethernet backhaul. So this is the first update from my RT-AX86U which complete fails. That really sucks.

If i go back to firmware version before, the RT-AX86U runs immediately without any reset etc. It takes the settings from the newer firmware and i only have to add the nodes again. That normally can't be really true?
Is there anyone which use the RT-AX86U in AP-Mode as Mesh Master which can confirm or please help me???
After some more tests, it's definitly a bug in AiMesh in AP-Mode. In AiMesh menue the router show the he has connection on second 5GHz Band :) (really funny to have now a triband router)
Conclusion: Be aware of this update if use in AP-Mode with AiMesh:-(
Do here nobody use this router in AP-Mode??

By the way, I notice that in the thread of Asus AX routers it is teeming with problems while in the thread of Netgear AX routers there are often only questions about the settings. I also had the RT-AX55 and RT-AX68U. There were also those who always caused problems. ASUS-> Many functions but better not use anything :).
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most of AX86U users have RMerlin FW on it. for me RMerlin is better tested by users and you could consider to flash it.


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most of AX86U users have RMerlin FW on it. for me RMerlin is better tested by users and you could consider to flash it.
I think the AiMesh functionality is more or less untouched in RMerlin. Also in AP-Mode i don't need this overhead of software when nearly nothing is usable in AP-Mode. In Router-Mode i think RMerlin is a good choice.


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most of AX86U users have RMerlin FW on it. for me RMerlin is better tested by users and you could consider to flash it.

I am running AsusWRT day one! and just updated latest fw from Asus, both of my Asus AX86U up, operational since the latest update on 8/31!!
It depends if you need additional features from Merlin Fw, the AsusWRT is solid/stable, met most of basic firewalled-Internet access (secure enough), Wifi'ing , port forwarding.. , set-it-forget-it for being as Wireless Router for very basic features - wifi, firewall, port forwarding. (trying not to do network engineering at home, it would be disaster LoL !)

Good luck gents!


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with new release (2021-10-07) all the problems are solved. I wondered why other people don't have this issues. Maybe the most users in this forum use english as default language in the Web-GUI.
In my opinion ASUS should not release so many AX routers with nearly same spec. They should focus on a smaller portfolio and much more stable and proofed software.
I never before have always trouble with my old netgear network, but now i nearly daily check if new updates are available for my routers. That was really not the goal with the change to ASUS. :-(
If i summarize all the hours i spent and the trouble i easily could have bought the little bit more expensive netgear. We will see.
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