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My question is about a setting that's maybe not only specific for the router I own. Anyways I wonder, when I'm using OpenVPN if there's a chance to not end up in the IP-range 10.x.x.x but 192.168.x.x because certain things don't work that way...


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You can change the VPN subnet and netmask. But not to the same used in the LAN.
For me the default values work just fine even when remoting into a client connected to the server via OpenVPN.


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Well, glad to read you all have no issues with OpenVPN setup on this Asus rt but I sure do ever since I upgraded it to the AsusWrt Merlin 386.2_6. Server is supposedly running and syslog captures any changes I do to the config but it is not responding to any attempts to connect by the clients. I didn't test with the firewall being off, but on my AC68U I never had to turn off the firewall in order to have OpenVPN svr running. Any tip is appreciated in advance.

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