ASUS RT-AX88U $271 New

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No, it's just people reading how great the RT-AX86U is right here on SNB forums and forgoing the (usually) more expensive but less desirable mode (if you want the better router and Wi-Fi). :)

This is simply an attempt to dump some stock while they can.
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Same deal on Newegg now too, right to the penny:



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Newegg has ended the sale and Amazon says "Limited Quantity" now. Surprised the sale lasted this long, they must either have had a bunch of them or they haven't sold well.


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Price dropped to $249.00 today on Amazon. Wow...

Edit: Amazon may be out of stock finally, this is another seller with an Amazon storefront.

Edit #2: Nope, more "In Stock Soon" @Amazon for $262 still.
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