Asus RT-AX88U ( After going back from asus merlin to stock firmware speed test option on Adaptive Qos missing even AiMesh missing)

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Harsha Tarak R

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i flashed Merlin on to my RT-AX88U later i flashed stock firmware but it dint flash so i used Firmware Restoration and flashed Version later Aimesh Icon on the lest of the General tap disappeared even the speed test option on Adaptive Qos disappeared what to do please help me.


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The version you have installed is the older 384 generation of stock firmware - ASUS recently removed the only official 386 release (I assume it has a serious bug). The Merlin firmware you were running was also based on 386.

There is no built in speed test on your older version, also you access AiMesh functions from the main Network Map screen.

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