Asus RT-AX88U as VPN server

Ola Malmstrom

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I set up my AX88U as an OpenVPN server more than a year ago just for fun.

I'm currently in Spain, and my router is in Sweden. The national TV supplier has blocked a large part of the available material when outside of Sweden. A few days ago I tried to access my national TV provider (SVT) through the OpenVPN server instead of HMA (HideMyAss).

Three things caught my attention:

- The OpenVPN server worked just as HMA does by hiding my original location (Spain)
- The response times when streaming HD quality material was much better than with HMA
- The performance of my router was virtually unaffected. Very little additional CPU load (maybe 1-2 % on one of the processors), very little, if any, additional memory usage.

So I have now stopped my HMA subscription.

Are there any drawbacks from doing this through the OpenVPN server instead of through HMA?


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No, except if you have asymmetrical ISP line at home - your download speed when you are abroad will be up to your upload speed at home. Also with HMA you can access other exit points in other countries, your own VPN is in Sweden only.

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