ASUS RT-AX88U Firmware version

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Version is out since 2020/03/27
Any one any experience. I have / had several WAN isues, (with ATEMODE=0).

Hope some can share experience with latest firmware?
QoS does not interest me (AX is fast enough to support my enitre familiy with 20+ devices running and 2 adulst in CoVid2 Home office modus) neither is Game Mode.
Looking for 3. Bug fix:
- Fixed wan detection bugs
- Improved some connection issues.


PS. Edit currently running 384.16_0


Regular Contributor
Same here using 384.16_0 and my WAN sometime say it's disconnected. but traffic still passes, but very slow.


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I thought my isp is playing games so i hocked up ac88 and got the full upload speed . Ax88 gets less than half [emoji3061]


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Yeah i have noticed the stability improvement but the upload sucks.
One more thing is that if you disable “802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 mode” and reboot the router it will resort back to enable.


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Thanks for reporting. In the mean time I choose to go with 384.17. After dirty flash, router came up with red WAN LED, but I left it for 2 minutes and it re-connected automatically. Sofar no issues, keep you posted on stability.

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