ASUS RT-AX88U Issues with latest firmware


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I'm new to this form and to ASUS routers in general. I recently overhauled my home network with the following:

- RT-AX88U as AiMesh Router (primary) - firmware
- 2 x RT-AX58U as AiMesh Node's - firmware
- Using SmartConnect
- Have enabled the following: Guest Network, AiProtection (Network Protection and Parental Controls), Adaptive QoS, Traffic Analyzer
- Forcing a few devices to use 2.4 Ghz network, these few devices are also using manually assigned IP via DHCP

My primary router WAS running and everything seemed pretty rock solid in terms of my wifi devices connecting to the wifi. Because I have the AiMesh going I had amazing wifi signal coverage on all my property, from the furtherest points of my backyard, to past the side walk and on the street even. I tested devices on 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks, 2.4 was full bars everywhere for the most part but speeds weren't as great from the sidewalk and 5 Ghz network was 2 of 3 bars with almost full download speed (65 mbps).

On Tuesday I upgraded my primary router to and this is when I started to notice issues with wifi. Kids were complaining that their wifi kept dropping completely, my smart light switches were having issues and had to be reinitialized/reset to join the network. I've reset the kids wifi on their devices and that seems to have improved their wifi for the most part while they are inside the house but if they're in the backyard that's where it seems to be dropping the most. They're staying relatively close to the patio door so its not like they're going to the deepest corners of the backyard like I did when I was initially testing wifi coverage before the update.

I opened a ticket with Asus support and the technician suggested I disable SmartConnect which I am hesitant to do because I would have to reconnect a bunch of devices (especially the smart light switches). His idea is to segregate the 2.4 and 5 networks but I am reluctant to do. He also suggested that I revert back to the previous firmware then which is what I am leaning towards.

Here are my questions:

- Has anyone had any issues similar to what I am experiencing with this latest firmware?
- I've been reading other threads on this forum and it seems like people suggest to factory reset their devices before or after updating to the latest firmware. Is my understanding correct, and if it is then just wondering why this is? It would be a pain to have to reconfigure all those settings everytime a new firmware comes out unless there's a way to backup the config and then just reapply it after the update
- If factory resetting the router(s) is the way to go can someone provide the recommended high level steps (i.e. 1. Update firmware 2. factory reset 3. reconfigure router etc.)?
- Does SmartConnect cause issues with devices connecting in general? Is it best practice to disable SmartConnect?
- Can someone recommend any good apps for IOS that could help with testing WiFi issues?
- Any other good tips?

Thanks in advance!


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I wouldn't reset anything at this point, but just revert the main router firmware and test the network again. In regards of SmartConnect - use it, if it works for you. With 65Mbps ISP it doesn't matter much where your devices connect for Internet access. I personally use separate SSIDs for better control over clients connections. There is no good app for iOS for specific reasons, use WiFi Analyzer for Android or better WinFi Analyzer for Windows 10.


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You should hard-reset AiMesh Router and nodes, and keep the config simple, such that you don't have to waste too much time to reconfigure.

Also, you may face some issues during reconfiguring. Just wait for some more time and reboot it. It may finally work and become stable.

I upgraded to in my AX88U. I don't have issue on wifi. I did not re-setup any wifi clients. They all work properly.


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Thanks for the responses by all. I think I'm going to give a few more days before I revert back. It seems like things have stabilized a bit.


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I have two AX88U. Main router is running Merlin. Other one running Aimesh with 42819, no issues with clients. Smart connect is enabled


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I have two AX88U. Main router is running Merlin. Other one running Aimesh with 42819, no issues with clients. Smart connect is enabled
Thanks for the response. In the house I'm having no issues for the most part but it seems that my kids iPhone's were dropping wifi and wifi outside of my house is also dropping. As I mention previously, before the update I had no issues and Wifi outside of the house was amazing. I've played around with the kids devices (installed the latest iOS update, removed the home wifi and re-added it, I even disabled the "private address" feature for when the kids connect to our home wifi and I think this is what may have stabilized their phones) and for now things seem to have settled down.


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I think 14.5 had some issues with wifi. Suppose to corrected in 14.5.1

with my apples I have set the DTIM =3 in the professional tab. Under the wifi.


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DTIM Interval: Delivery traffic indication message is a countdown field notifying wireless clients of when they can expect the next window for listening to broadcast and multicast messages from the wireless router. This feature is useful for computers configured to enter sleep mode as a DTIM message will notify the client that the wireless router has information that must be sent.

saves on battery life on Apple


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Looks like Asus released a new firmware update and it supposedly fixes IoT connection issues which was definitely one of the issues I was having with my smart light switches when I upgraded my firmware to 42819:

Firmware version
- Release Note -

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
1. Fixed IoT devices connection issues.

Hopefully this helps someone!

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