ASUS RT-AX88u wifi issues

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Here is a list of my current wifi setup and my issue.

I have main 5G and 2.4G enabled for my laptop and phones that my gf and use for daily wifi.

I have the following guest wifis setup as well.

Guest 5G 1 for Guests/Family
Guest 5G 2 for my 5G IoT Devices
Guest 5G 3 for work ( configured not to use VPN)

Guest 2.4G 1 for 2.4G IoT Devices

now here is the issue. I made another 2.4 G Guest (2) wifi for 2.4G guests and when I enable the second 2.4g guest network after already having 3 5G guest networks and my two main wifi networks.I can no longer see my 5G networks.

Am I overloading my router by having so many wifi or am I causing interference and blocking my 5G.
If I disable the new 2.4 network my 5G networks come back.


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How long did you wait for the 5GHz network to be available?

What Control Channel(s) are you using?

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