ASUS RT-AX89X QoS issue with self hosted nginx instance


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Whenever I turn on QoS on my AX89X I am no longer able to connect to any websites that I host on an nginx instance internally on my wan using internet facing URLs. I'm using the URLs for the internet so it's doing a DNS lookup to my ip and probably going through the WAN via port forwarding(443) but I'm unsure why this will kill my ability to access the websites. If I am outside of my lan and say using my cellphone without WiFi all the websites and such are accessible. I tried to illustrate it below as well. Has anyone encountered this problem? I used to run QoS on my old ASUS router but it was Merlin's firmware and I don't remember ever having this issue. If others have this issue I was going to open a ticket with Asus and see if they could look into it and perhaps resolve it.

Thank you and I appreciate your time in reading the post!

Basically looks like this (Adaptive QoS enabled)
Video & Audio

Broken(times out and packets never are returned)
LAN -> URL(Internet IP) -> WAN(443) -> NGINX

WAN -> URL(Internet IP) -> WAN(443) -> NGINX

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