Asus RT-AX92U firmware disconnecting main router GT-AX11000...?

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New Around Here

I am slightly baffled to how an update on my other router on my AiMesh RX-AX92U currently using firmware but when I update to firmware my main router on the AiMesh keeps disconnecting and I just don't know why this keep happening. I was thinking of doing a factory reset but to get the AiMesh running was such a nightmare I don't want to go through this again. I am no stranger to networks but I am still a novice with AiMesh as it is all new to me. What I cannot get my head around is how can another router on the AiMesh cause the main router to keep disconnecting. I reverted back to Firmware and it is stable and not problems, I update the firmware to 4051 and it keeps disconnecting all the time it is an absolute nightmare.

I think it may be how I have to router set up, the only why I could get the AiMesh to work was to set up IP Binding. But another weird thing that keeps happening as well which is unrelated is Smart Connect keeps disabling and again I have now idea why I have never used Smart Connect before, I know what it is and how it works I just don't use it. to be honest I think I have this set up in such a way what may have happened is the update is interfering with the way I have the main router set up. that is my working theory but if somebody else can make a suggestion I am open to suggestions. I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to go back to stock and start again.

If you want logs then I will provide them upon request.

Main Router: GT-AX1100
AiMesh Router RT-AX92U

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