ASUS RT-AX92U problem with repeater

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I connect a xiaomi repeater to my Asus rt-ax92u but i have a big problem with many disconnections of the clients that is connected to repeater and with messages with duplicates IP. My Asus router put the clients of xiaomi repeater to wired clients. Any idea?


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Reboot the network. Including all client devices.


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If common fixes don't give results (and nobody has any further input here for you), I would be doing a full reset at this point. The network/routers are obviously not in a good/known state.

While it isn't guaranteed to solve anything, it will at least give you a clean/fresh state to begin actual troubleshooting. And not just chasing gremlins from a series of 'dirty' upgrades.

Fully Reset Router and Network

Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021


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If the first link doesn't get your router into a good/known state, then the hardware is suspect at this point.


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New doesn't mean that much.

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