Asus RT-AX92U random loss of WiFi


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Hello, I have moments where WiFi doesn't seem to be working at all from my router. I am from home, and suddenly WiFi just cuts out, and will cut out until I physically reboot it.
The logfile I have attached here says WAN was restored at 15:14:53, right before I rebooted it though. I have experienced that it was out the whole day after it happened one morning.

It seems to go bonkers from 15:14 in the logfile I have attached, and I am having no luck finding a culprit.

My setup is an ISP routermodem in bridge running to my router, where I have a PiHole set up.
The raspberry pi is the DHCP and DNS server, and I have DHCP turned off in my router, and DNS pointer to my pihole at
The only AP is my router.

I have hidden (tried to, atleast) the MAC-adresses and public IP in the log.

Any ideas what this might be, or am I just better off resetting the whole thing?


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