ASUS RT-N66U Download Master & Firefox javasript

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Erny Cowan

New Around Here
So I have an ASUS RT-N66U which has served me very well.
One of the great features is the Download Master which I let run torrents for Ubuntu .iso.
On my computer I have Ubuntu 21.04 with Firefox.
But recently, although I can access the main router administration page as always, when I go through to the Download Master, none of the buttons respond to clicks.
The router is running
Download master is
The problem seems to be something to do with javascript on Firefox.
Download Master does respond if I use MS Windows 10 and Edge. But not with MS Windows and Firefox.
Thanks. - Erny


Part of the Furniture
All of the major browsers are tightening security which is causing some of the older web apps to break.
Try bringing up the browser console with F12 and look for any posted errors.

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